When Pigs Walk || 2016-?

When Pigs Walk, is a photography series based on a theme I keep returning to of trying to create in the physical realm something that is fantastical or appearing to have been done with a computer program. Creating characters such as monsters or animals and photographing them doing normal human mundane things, is something that could only happen “when pigs fly”.

Using a mask to cover the face and create the illusion of a walking pig, these images bring to life a sort of anonymity that lets the viewer feel a greater connection. Without having a face to the character, one tends to imagine themselves in the scene. They’re the ones eating dinner, they are having an after work drink, and they’re the ones taking a quick smoke break.

This is an open series with the intent of continuing the project till I see it fit to close it up.

WhenPigsWalk01 (5 of 10) WhenPigsWalk01 (6 of 10)WhenPigsWalk01 (8 of 10) WhenPigsWalk01 (10 of 10)



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